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New - Available from autumn 2017

Photinia original with red and crimpy leaves
A strong evergreen plant. Ideal to brighten up a hedge ou garden. 
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The club growers have particulary appreciate this photinia ‘Volcano’ and specifically these young sprouts which instead of other variety, keep an brigh red colour all year round. Growing up, this red coloring on the crimpy foliage gives way to a beautiful brigh green color. After each cut, during spring or summer, these new sprouts will delight you again, by their red colour. With a 2 m size, this hardy and perennial plant will find an ideal place in your hedge or garden.


Prune your plants from juin to september. Pruning is also possible in summer to stimulate new red sprouts.
Intense watering at the plantation and low after.


Photinia MAGICAL® VOLCANO 'Kolmavoca'PBR

Variety protected by Plant variety Rights. Propagation without licence prohibited
Available from automn 2017, in each company member of LVHS: complete list


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